Blackjack Variants

In general, good games produce all imaginable innovative variants and versions, and this is the case in a special sense, and in a certain sense and in terms of things, also in blackjack. There are now an estimated 30+ different 17 & 4 variants in the offer of the best online casinos. Meanwhile, you can even find blackjack rooms where you set a table limit and play against another player of flesh and blood who after a certain number of blackjack games can secure the pot. Not bad and it is the ideal variant where you can put your skills and abilities directly to the test.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

A very interesting and at the same time incredibly entertaining version of the blackjack game. Basically, it’s not much different from regular blackjack, only a few Vegas Strip nuances make it even better for gaming and winning. This variant is played with four or six 52-player deck of cards.

Face-Up 21

At the designation of this blackjack variant one can already see from the thing and in the certain sense what it is about. Face Up 21 is a variant in which both cards of the dealer are revealed, so face up (hence face-up) is dealt. this makes it easier for the player to make his game decisions, but on the other hand has a few drawbacks in terms of winning opportunities. On the one hand, blackjack is only dealt in a ratio of 1-1, and on the other hand, the dealer or the bank also wins every stalemate or draw. Face-Up 21 is still one of the few variants that make a lot of fun in the online casino of your choice.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

You play according to the Vegas Strip blackjack rules but you get the opportunity to make a side bet. In addition, certain card combinations on the player’s hand can earn additional bonus payouts if you win against the dealer at the end of the game. You can play Perfect Pairs Blackjack at all online casinos that are played by the award-winning software from Crypto logic, as well as in Inter Casino, and even tried for free.


At first glance, the pontoon is no different to the classic blackjack game; There are, however, a few rule changes that should be considered. On the one hand, eight stacks of cards are used and, on the other hand, you get a payout of 2-1 and not 3-2 as in most other blackjack variants in a blackjack that is just called Pontoon in this variant.

Super 21st

Super 21 is no different from the game rules of the other common classic blackjack games. However, what makes it a lot more exciting and interesting are the small nuances and the charm of the game.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack is probably the most exciting and at the same time more realistic alternative. You can follow the action directly from a studio or a casino via webcam on your screen and can even talk to the friendly dealers via live chat and give tips, if you want it.