Blackjack Game Rules

As a relatively easy-to-learn game, blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos. The basics are simple but there are also some advanced bets that can be confusing to new players. In this article, we’ll cover the blackjack rules and the advanced betting opportunities you have at the blackjack table. Once you understand this blackjack game guide, you’re on your way to the table like a blackjack player veteran.

Learning the basic rules of blackjack is child’s play, but Mastering, as already mentioned, requires practice, practice and more practice. What you learn very quickly and can also test in free practice games such as EuroGrand Casino are the basic moves and the application of a blackjack strategy table that you can download from various Blackjack fan pages and print out.

Blackjack basics you should learn and memorize

The gameplay and blackjack game objective is simple – to have one as close as possible to the combined hand value of 21 (or 21), without overblowing and beating the dealer with the card hand. Of course, the dealer also tries this in reverse; to beat them and not to hold a higher value than 21 on the hand. As soon as you have overbought, the other player wins.

All playing cards with one picture have a value of ten points, the other cards count according to the numerical value and the ace, depending on the game situation and card hand, either 1 or 11. In blackjack you have the option to make various moves, of which I give you the will introduce you immediately.

If you get a picture card dealt with an ace as a player, you immediately have a blackjack, which is also often referred to as “natural blackjack” in this case. In such a “natural blackjack” you win automatically, unless the dealer also reveals a blackjack. In a push, ie a draw, none of the game participants wins and the stake is returned. The payout for a blackjack at a good online casino is 3-2 in most variants; For example, if you bet € 10 you will not get € 10 but € 15 back.

game play

Each player is dealt two cards at the beginning, with one card dealt face down. Then you have the option as a player to opt for another card (hit), no more card to accept (state), give up (Surrender) in the dealer’s potential blackjack insurance (Insurance), split certain pairs of cards (split) or on double the bet and get dealt only one more card (Double Down).

Optional game options and what to look out for

When splitting the cards (split) you can divide two pairs of cards, eg two 8’s. This is another use for due and you play now with two card hands. However, it is not always worth dividing a pair of cards; never do with a 10-card pair; they already have 20 points and will win with great certainty. Double Down allows you to double the bet and receive another card; and then hopefully hit the dealer with the final card hand without overbought.